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  Collection Exhibition
“Okamoto Taro What this is!" Exhibition
  Period: July 9, 2015 (Thursday) - October 4, 2015 (Sun)  

  Taro Okamoto《Rejoice》
<空> Period : July 9, 2015 (Thursday) - October 4, 2015 (Sun)
  Admission :  Adult; 500 yen (400 yen),
 More 65 years old, have to show us the ID, students and the elderly. 300 yen (240 yen)
 Children [15 and under]; free
15 years old under

From - July 18 - October 4
  Adult; 800 yen (640 yen),
More 65 years old, have to show us the ID,600 yen (480 yen)
     Children [ 15 years old under]; free

     * ( ) the group discount rate
     * Admission fee is the current exhibition and set or

Monday (Monday is a national holiday excluding) the next day of holiday (Saturday and Sunday I except)
July 21 (Tuesday), September 24 (Thursday)

Sponsored by Taro Okamoto Museum


  Current Exhibition
"Play: Taro Okamoto" Exhibition
  period :June 18−October 4, 2015  
  Taro Okamoto《Dance》
1982 Ceramic
  Taro Okamoto《Hand in Face》
1978 Oil on canvas

This exhibition will introduce works of art based on the theme of Taro Okamoto’s “Play”.
What did “Play” mean to Okamoto?
“’Play’ and ‘Have fun’ are completely different. ‘Play’ is serious, humanly, in other words, it is a selfless act where you invest all you have.”How to Live Life, PHP Research Center, 1988 )
In such a way, “Play” for Okamoto was not simply to “have fun” for amusement or avocation, but to live your life seriously, genuinely, and with your all. And perhaps we can also say that this was the very essence of Okamoto’s artistic endeavours. 

This exhibition, with Okamoto’s “Play” as the keyword, will showcase the various works of Okamoto, including paintings and sculptures, as well as things that can be used in daily life. In addition, the exhibition will be showing private videos from Okamoto’s everyday life. Also, during the exhibition period, not only will you be able to look at the artworks, but there will be various events that allow you to exercise your imagination, and use your senses to experience the art pieces, letting you enjoy the works of art from new points of view.  

In addition, at this exhibition, in conjunction with the theme of Taro Okamoto’s “Play”, the works of two current artists, Kurumi Wakaki and Yuta Nakajima, will be introduced, one during the first half of the exhibition period and the other, second half. Please come enjoy the aspiring endeavours of young artists, who will push the boundaries for new expressions

<空> Period : June 18−October 4, 2015
  Closed :  Monday ( Monday is a public holiday except ) the day after the public holiday
( Saturday and Sunday I except July 21 (Tuesday), September 24 (Thursday)
  Opening Hours : 9:30 to 17:00 ( admission until 16:30 )
  Subsidized : Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities
  Cooperation : Musashino Art University Art 、Culture Department, Institute MILA
  Sponsored : Taro Okamoto Museum


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